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Data Transformation


Onsite exploration of current programs, infrastructure, contracts, market and priorities.

Strategic readiness assessment to evaluate culture, governance, payer mix, contracts and programmatic infrastructure with respect to new payment models.

Analytics Transformation


Opportunity analysis to identify the most promising focuses for improvement (populations to target, quick-win opportunities)

Contracting Support to evaluate risks, benefits, and terms of current and potential contracts

Short term diligence for creating or acquiring health plans or ACOs

Payment Transformation


Guidance on cross-continuum VBC initiatives (utilization & network management, risk-adjustment and coding initiatives)

Care Transformation


Design and deployment of new clinical PHM programs like care management, primary care re-design, site-of-care strategy, patient engagement

Data Operating System

7 Attributes of DOS

1. Reusable Clinical &
    Business Logic

2. Streaming Data

3. Integrates Structured &
    Unstructured Data

4. Closed-Loop Capability

5. Microservices Architecture

6. Machine Learning

7. Agnostic Data Lake

  DOS Platform Presentation